Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tilt again and a sense of doubt

In hindsight, with the market down 300 points, found out "clapper"was on CNBC yesterday and said if the Fed had cut 1/2% the Dow would have rose one thousand points. Obviously, we all know the clown's track record is spotty.

Aside from today's and yesterday's awful trades, I still would have had a decent amount in the market which is troublesome. I feel I should have sold something prior to the FOMC meeting and that sense of doubt is not a good sign. Sure you are going to make bad trades here and there, but you cannot take these kinds of drawdowns, if you expect to be in the markets for the rest of your life.

A trader must have confidence but they also need the luck of the markets on their side. Since this is my second consecutive drawdown in less than two months, I'm going to have to think real hard on resetting stops and whether positions will get purged so I can get myself back to what I was before.

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