Thursday, January 13, 2011

3/4% gains in the averages

Nothing specific so unless AAPL has some negative reaction next Tue after the close on its earnings guidance, stocks continue higher as POMO is pretty much telling everyone, your American dollars are worth zero. Invest it in something or face reduced purchasing power.

Agriculture chemicals up across the board. POT up 5 pts or 3.4%.

Select HMOs continued higher. HS up 1.9%, CVH up 1%.

OIH up 1.6% today. casy's EOG approaching the $100 level.

Coal continued upward although with modest gains. PCX up .8%, MEE up .9%.

Semiconductors still the top performing sector YTD. NVDA up 14%, ARMH up 2.6%.

AAPL rebounded $2.70 eclipsing yesterday's pullback. PCLN up 3 pts.

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